Ty Dillon 

An autobiography by Ty Dillon 

Well, howdy! 

My name is Ty Dillon and I'm a singer/songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. 

Though I'm not a fan of limiting creativity by giving my artistry an outright definition, most would say that my music fits into the country genre. But, if you want to get on my good side, singer/songwriter is the most appropriate title. That title allows me to create without restrictions, and you will be glad about that. I guarantee it.

Don't get me wrong, I love country music. George Strait and Bob Wills are country music royalty to me. 

However, music is the language of my soul and as long as it speaks to me, I'll listen to it. 

I've written up a Facebook Message adventure​​ dedicated to my favorite music. Check it out!

I've always been a musician. Even before I was able to say words, I was humming right along with the radio and I watched as my dad play drums in the church band. I guess you could say he gave me my rhythm. 

While I was growing up in Fort Worth, my life revolved around music and baseball. 

At school, I was always trying to start a band. I remember trying to get kids to sign "band contracts". It was almost as if being in second grade didn't even matter.  On the diamond, I was the catcher and I dreamed of playing in the big leagues someday. It was almost as if music didn't exist. 

We moved to San Antonio around the 6th grade. Still trying to start a band. Still trying to play pro ball. 

At the time, I didn't realize that I had picked practically the two most 'unlikely to succeed' career paths. 

I did end up starting my band in the 8th grade. I was the drummer! They told me my voice sounded "too country" (or whatever) to be the lead singer. But, I was the drummer! I was in a band! We won a few contests and played a few shows, but it all came to an end when we graduated high school. 

Luckily, they let me sing at church! I was able to cut my teeth on stage and have an outlet for my love for singing. 

Let's fast forward a few years. 

After dropping out of college twice, I moved back home and then to San Marcos, Texas. It was in San Marcos where I began singing my own original songs on stage at Cheatham Street Warehouse during the legendary Wednesday night Songwriters Circle. Not too long after that, I put out my very first full length album "Sunsets And Pickups". 

Since 2015, I've been writing for my next album and playing as many gigs around Texas as I can get. 

Looking forward, I plan on taking my music on the road and to towns far and wide, all over the world.

If you're interested in seeing me perform, I've set up another Facebook Message adventure that allows you to tell me where you'd like to see me play! Check it out!

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