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        A Trip Into Memories  - DAY 2 ​​

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Everyone knows that feeling of heartache. It's that feeling you get when particular emotions (hint: it starts with an L and rhymes with Dove.)  aren't reciprocated. 

But, heartache isn't all these next couple songs have in common. 

It all started at a dance hall in Texas that my friends and I would visit nearly every week. Each week, I would meet and dance with different girls from far and wide. Some of them in town on vacation, some from down the street but all were looking for something more those nights. 

That's right, a good dance partner. 

But for me, I was looking for love.. in all the wrong places. 

At the time, I didn't know any better. I had grown up around these dances my entire life and to me, it was almost like speed dating. I had an ill-conceived notion that I would meet the woman of my dreams on the dance floor and the only requirements of her were to be my perfect dance partner. 

One week, I met a girl. I never knew her name and I didn't even know where she was from. I did know that she was an angel and that wherever she is now, she can do no wrong. 

Where I'll Be is about the mystery girl from that one, special, night and she disappeared just as quickly as we met. 

Tears In A Dancehall is a fictional follow up. I knew that even if she had stayed, it wouldn't have ended well. 

So here's to the mystery girl, the one that got away, and the one who won't return. Maybe you'll see this someday. 

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Driving Through Austin

Stopping In Belton 

Crying In Waco 

Singing In Dallas 


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