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        A Trip Into Memories Day 4

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It's not all about the lights or the crowd. 

There's an old adage, "The grass is always greener", and I used to think that once I reached or achieved a big milestone, I would be happy. I would tell myself, "If I could just open up for this artist, or book this big show, I'd have a career and I wouldn't need anything else."

But, the grass is always greener. 

I learned early that none of those things were going to make me happy. I learned that true happiness isn't found in money, or success, even thought I've still never tasted money, and I've never realized what most would call "success". It may be cliche, but I discovered that happiness and joy are found in service

Paying it forward, or coming to the aid of a stranger makes me happy. Creating music that reaches people makes me happy. Making people happy makes me happy. 

I wrote today's song "Other Side" in hopes that it would make somebody stop and think about the priorities in their life. I wrote it hoping someone would realize that what they have and who they are is enough. Life doesn't always need to be a race to the top of the mountain, because in the end, does any of it matter anyways? 

It's not about the lights or the crowd itself, it's about the people in the crowd. 

Oh, and there's another heartbreak song. Enjoy!

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Make sure you stick around

Make sure you're in the crowd