To anyone who’s caught Ty Dillon and his band live on stage before, the members of Six Echo might look familiar.  That’s because they are, in fact, the same group of musicians.  As Ty and the gang have augmented and enhanced their performance over the years, many ideas of many differing genres have entered the mix. To house the ideas that have been in stark contrast with Dillon’s chiefly country sound, the band developed an alter-ego: Six Echo.

The project is the brainchild of multiple creators. One notable figure is Garrett Loggins, the oft-seen guitarist and producer of some previous Ty Dillon releases. Loggins has contributed much of the writing, stemming from his roots that include 90’s alt-rock, pop-punk, and jangle-pop. The collaborative writing/producing efforts of Loggins & Dillon yielded Six Echo’s first full-length album, “Summer’s Touch & Winter’s Hold,” released independently in late 2021.

On stage, Six Echo has also proven itself to be a wildly different animal than that of the Ty Dillon show.  The shows include a more youthful energy, with Dillon & Loggins sharing the singing duties. Some of Six Echo’s shows have been devoted entirely to a theme, such as pop-punk emo nights. These shows revering bygone eras of music have had crowds of hundreds jumping and singing along to many familiar tunes.

As of this moment, Six Echo refuses to definitively classify itself by genre or direction. The shows keep getting wilder, and the original material is still flowing and being recorded as we speak. Though created just to be a creative outlet, the project has already amassed a devoted following among listeners and attendees, with many latching onto the band’s sincere lyrics, eclectic styles, and exhilarating performances.  


4 days after graduating high school, Garrett hopped on a tour bus and began his relentless music career.  By the age of 21, and with several national tours under his belt, he returned back to his hometown to attend UTSA, while also building a reputation as a reliable multi-instrumentalist in the local scenes.  The day after Ty Dillon released his album, “Sunsets & Pickups” in 2015, he called Garrett for a last-minute show, and the two have been sharing the stage ever since.  Over the years, Garrett has also gained notoriety as a music producer, studio musician, video director, graphic designer, & songwriter.  He lives in Boerne with his wife Julianne.

Garrett uses:

  • Fender Instruments
  • Paul Reed Smith Instruments
  • Music Man Amplifiers
  • Kemper Amplifiers




At 6’3” and wielding a ponytail that goes for days, Robert has a commanding presence that none can ignore.  But appearances aside, he is well-known as one of the friendliest, yet hardest working men in his field.  By the time Ty met Robert, he was already one of the most sought-after live sound engineers/bassists in South Texas.  His energetic stage persona, his comprehension of sound as a science, and his encyclopedic knowledge of music have made him a perfect fit with Ty and the crew.  Though not boastful by nature, he’ll also gladly tell you about his beyond-impressive collection of Rickenbacker basses. 

Robert uses:

  • Rickenbacker Instruments
  • Music Man Instruments
  • G&L Instruments
  • Fender Amplifiers



Hailing from the border town of Eagle Pass, Leo packed up his drums and headed for San Antonio.  After a few months of steady hired-gun work, Ty Dillon reached out to him with a need for a drummer who can navigate any genre and write creative parts in a studio setting.  He’s been with the band ever since, holding down the beat while possessing a sharp wit and an affinity for old video games.  In addition to his drumming duties, Leo also serves as a figurehead for Artificial Media, a local company providing services with video and graphic design.  He lives in San Antonio with his fiancé Sarahi.

Leo uses:

  • DW Drums
  • Tama Drums & Hardware
  • Zildjian Cymbals
  • Vic Firth Drumsticks