Ty Dillon's 


        A Trip Into Memories Day 1

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Imagine you're back in school. 

It's a Friday afternoon and you're done with class.  It's been a long week, and you're ready to burn off some steam, right? 

You imagine what it would be like to hit the road without hesitation with the one you love. You fantasize about a mini-beach vacation and there's nothing that you want more than to camp on the beach under the stars. The wheels in your head start turning as you begin to pack your bag. You even think to yourself, "As long as I'm back by my 8am class on Monday!". 

Then you wake up only to realize you're still in class, you're completely broke and it's only Thursday.

Oh, and you're single. 

But not to worry, because your buddy is throwing that bonfire tomorrow night out at the lake and he said that your crush is coming. So that's still a win! 

It's definitely better than sitting in the Dairy Queen parking lot till the Sheriff tells you to go home. 

Welcome to Small Town, USA.

I wrote these songs for everyone who needs a break. In honor of the getaway.. 

Download both songs instantly!

Not a day goes by that I;m not missing it

Those nights we lived with no regrets

Folks say that time flies way too fast

But you never believe them 

Till you're remembering...

- Sunsets And Pickups